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The MetaSolidarity Collective

for Transnational Solidarity through Collaboration.


Declaration of Our Solidarity

We are the Citizens of Nations,

who stand together in Solidarity.

We oppose exclusionary peacebuilding.

We oppose those who profit from prolonging hatred.

We oppose misinformation and war.


We affirm building solidarity through collaboration with one another.

We affirm to co-operate to build trust and love.

We affirm to build a monument to our Solidarity.


We, the Citizens of Nations,

pledge our support to The MetaSolidarity Collective

as a way to achieve these aims, together.

Our Mission

To enable people from two separate countries to collaborate with one another and create something unique. The MetaSolidarity Collective will then make this ‘archive’ of work available to the public through the metaverse as proof of Solidarity, that it is possible to work together and create a beautiful world.

The first chapter focuses on building solidarity between India and Pakistan.

The Metaverse: Wagah Border

We are building a replica of the ‘Wagah Border’ in the metaverse for our members to meet-up in!

As an added element to this we will also be integrating eco-friendly NFTs into the platform.

These NFTs wil be different from regular NFTs because they will be ‘earned’ instead of bought. We believe everyone should have access to the advancement this new technology provides.


If you are a Collaborator: Once you complete a project your work will be minted as an NFT and you will also receive a commemorative NFT by which you can be identified as a valued contributor to the dialogue of peace and solidarity!


If you are a Supporter: Once you get five unique people to sign this Declaration you will receive an NFT identifying you a champion of peace and solidarity!


These NFTs will grant you additional, special access to spaces inside the expanding metaverse along with being an incredible way to show-off your invaluable work!

How Can You Be A Part Of This?

There are two ways for someone to be a part of this:

1. As a Collaborator

2. As a Supporter


Learn more and find your role below!


Are You A Collaborator?

Collaborators can come from the following fields:

Visual Artist, Writer, Musician, Filmmaker, Academic.

If you are either and Indian or Pakistani from on of the above fields and are committed to collaborating with someone from across the border on a work then you’re a Collaborator!


We invite you to sign this Declaration using the link below and when you do, check the box that identifies you as a ‘Collaborator’ and the ‘field’ you represent! This will help us contact you with specific information and help partner you up with someone!


* You don’t have to be a ‘professional’ in the field. We encourage young entrants in their field to collaborate as well.

Are You A Supporter?

Do you agree with our Declaration of Solidarity? Do you want to attend exciting events in the Metaverse and make friends with people from across the border? Then you’re an invaluable Supporter!


We invite you to sign this Declaration using the link below and when you do, check the box that identifies you as a ‘Supporter’! This will help us contact you with specific information and keep you up-to-date with event information, help you meet new people, etc!

Sign the Declaration

Click on the button below to sign this Declaration of Solidarity.

Your signature will define your support to the cause and will enable you to be an active member in The MetaSolidarity Collective.


Maham Chiragh

Karachi, Pakistan





Nirmal Bano

Lahore, Pakistan


Haider Ali

Karachi, pakistan


Saira Salman

Lahore, Pakistan


Sanwal tariq



Hania Chima



Jasir shahbaz

Lahore, Pakistan


Aisha Yaqub

United Arab Emirates





Ayush Aarya

Jammu, India


Zahra Salah Uddin

Düsseldorf, Germany


Nabila Khadija Ansari

Delhi, India


Maitreya Sanghvi



Soumya Rai

Bangalore, India


Raju V Lalwani

Chicago, USA


Haseeb Asif



Tareque Laskar

Bangalore, India


Are You A Collaboator
Sign The Declaration
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