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Wagah Border

because the internet can truly help us overcome our physical boundaries!


What can you do here?


Meet new and exciting people from across the border at events

Collaborate to create something unique and beautiful!

or simply hang out and make friends!

Learn More

How can you enter the space?

Click on the button below and you'll be teleported to the Lekh-Haq Estate! Simply walk through the door that says "WAGAH BORDER". You can't miss it!

*Remember to be kind and respectful of one another. This is a space for all of us to grow, learn and have fun!


Metaverse: Powered by Gather!

Our MetaSolidarity Collective space is powered the Gather Web3 Sponsorship program!

If you'd like to apply or learn more you can click here.

Gather is a unique metaverse platform in 2.5D!


Remember those old Gameboy games? Now we can all meet in one of them!

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